Youth Baseball News and Updates

The 2024 season is just around the corner!

The Copenhagen Tuff Nuts – our youth baseball team of ages 6-14 – is growing by the day. Feel free to join us for winter training in the big gym at Skolen på Islands Brygge, every Saturday from 5pm (indoor practice details below).

Outdoor practices in Valby will begin in April (practice times below).


*Saturday, June 3rd: game day in Lyngby, @14:00

*Saturday, June 1oth: Youth baseball camp in Lyngby (more info hopefully to come)

*Saturday, August 12th: possible friendly/round-robin with Malmö and Lyngby

*Saturday, August 26th: game day in Valby, @12:00

Outdoor Practices / Udendørs træning: (april – october)

Valby Idrætspark – Hammelstrupvej 48

Junior træning:

torsdag, kl.16:00

søndag, kl.12:00

Kom og være med!

Indoor Practices / Indendørs træning: (november – marts)

lørdag, kl.17:00-19:00

Skolen på Islands Brygge

Artillerivej 57

2300 Copenhagen S.

Kom og være med!

Copenhagen Baseball Field

Valby Idrætspark
Hammelstrupvej 48
2450 København

Kevin Kroh - 242O3862
Justin Wynns - 60799667
Matt Williams - 42722554