Copenhagen Baseball Club

Copenhagen Urban Achievers: DK Baseball Champions!

Coed Training in Copenhagen!

The Copenhagen Urban Achievers -- Denmark's defending baseball champions --  invite you to join us again this year in 2017, regardless of age, gender, ability, or favorite team. Whether or not you are familiar with baseball or softball already, dream of hitting a home-run, feel the need to get out and socialize, or just want to satisfy your curiosity by trying on a mitt and running around a bit, feel free to come play.

News and Updates

Club Party / Generalforsamling

On Saturday, March 11th, at 4:20pm, Copenhagen Baseball Club held our annual GA meeting at Skolen på Islands Brygge, followed by a pizza party / championship celebration / WBC watching marathon.

Send us an email if you're interested in reading the Power Point presentation from the meeting, and/or joining the club this year.

Winter Trainings

Tuesdays, kl.19-21 as well as

Saturdays: kl.17-19Skolen på Islands Brygge, on Artillerivej 57, Kbh. S

Until April 1st.

WEBSITE: If you're already signed-in to the forum and can't see messages, just click "QUOTE" and they'll appear.

We'll be re-locating the website to another platform next week (around Paddy's Day) in the hope it will ensure some club revenue (for en gangs skyld) and help with recruiting. It'll be the same url:

PRESS: Se! Laila Dalgaard & co.'s dokumentar film om Urban Achievers og vores løbende kamp at få etableret et baseball bane i København:


(Facebook no longer recognizes the embedded video, but perhaps it's time for a youtube release?)

The Urban Achievers


The Achievers will head to Malmö to start a home/away exhibition series against the Pilots.

First game is in Malmö: Saturday, April 29th, ca.noon-thirty.

(second game will be in CPH, probably early Sept.)

Living in the Past?

Urban Achievers: Danmarksmestre i Baseball for trejde gang i træk!


Great ballgame, this one. Achievers vs. Atletico Aarhus, with the defending champs from CPH falling behind early, 6-1, only to storm back in the last three innings to complete the three-game sweep of Atletico and retain the championship. Final score: 9-6, after 9 innings.

Now three-time defending champs, the Urban Achievers will continue to sharpen our skills and share a laugh on the basketball court as we continue our winter training in the gym at Islands Brygge Skole.

Outdoor practices start APRIL 1ST:

We'll move back outdoors on April 1, 2017 to our field in Valby Idrætsparken, Bane #3, in the corner next to the train tracks (see map here).

If you've already been out to practice with us and want to sign up on our forum, just click on the headline, The Dug Out (above), and sign up.