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Copenhagen Urban Achievers: DK Baseball Champions!

Coed Training in Copenhagen!

The Copenhagen Urban Achievers -- Denmark's Baseball Cup champions, four years in-a-row now!!!! --  invite you to join us again this year in 2018, regardless of age, gender, ability, or favorite team. Whether or not you are familiar with baseball or softball already, dream of hitting a home-run, feel the need to get out and socialize, or just want to satisfy your curiosity by trying on a mitt and running around a bit, feel free to come play.


2018 Generalforsamling


d.17 marts,


Skolen på Islands Brygge

Bygning #3



Urban Achievers vinder DM Finalen!!!

søndag, d.10 september

Urban Achievers 7-5 Athletico Aarhus

Copenhagen Urban Achievers er nu, for fjerde år i træk, Danmarksmestre i Baseball!


Næste kampdag:

Sidste kampdag i 2017!

lørdag, d.7 okt.


sted: Valby Idrætsparken

Malmo Pilots vs. Copenhagen Urban Achievers


2017 Resultater:

lørdag, d.2 september

kamp#1: Achievers 7-1 Aarhus

kamp#2: Achievers 5-4 Aarhus

sted: Valby


lørdag, d.26 august

kamp#1: Achievers 5-4 Athletico Aarhus

kamp#2: Athletico 15-4 Achievers

sted: Odense



lørdag, d.12 august

kamp#1: Achievers 9-2 Odense

kamp#2: Achievers 13-2 Odense


lørdag, d.29 juni

kamp#1: Achievers 7-12 Atleticos

kamp#2: Achievers 9-0 Herning

sted: Aarhus



d. 17 juni

kamp #1: Achievers 9-5 Herning

kamp #2: Achievers 9-8 Herning, in 7 innings


d.20 maj

kamp #1: Achievers 6-5 Odense

kamp #2: Achievers 12-3 ÅSBK


Vendskabskamp #1, d.29 April

Achievers vs. Pilots

kamp 1: Achievers 32-2 Malmo

kamp 2: Achievers 11-5 Malmo

sted: Malmö, Sverige



onsdag, fra kl.17 (anden bølge kommer ved 18-tiden)

søndag, fra kl.14

Valby Idrætsparken, bane#3 (tættest på togsporene)

Adresse: Hammelstrupvej 48


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PRESS: Se! Laila Dalgaard & co.'s dokumentar film om Urban Achievers og vores løbende kamp at få etableret et baseball bane i København. Filmen er lagt op på vores youtube kanal.

The Urban Achievers




March 17

Skolen på Islands Brygge




URBAN ACHIEVERS take home Denmarks Baseball Cup -- for the 4th year in a row!!!!

Championship Finals

Sunday, Sept.10

Copenhagen Urban Achievers 7-5 Aarhus Athletico

The gray blanket that had been draped over downtrodden ballplayers all across Denmark was miraculously lifted in time for the Championship Final in Odense this past Sunday, encouraging a small but dedicated entourage of supporters to turn up for the annual competition to take home the prestigious Denmark's Baseball Cup.

The home team honors went to Athletico Aarhus for their strong regular season performance. The odds-makers had them favored in this year's final, having taken two of three games against the Urban Achievers, 3-time defending champions and eternal baseball heroes of Copenhagen.

But the Achievers, who embody a never-say-die attitude in the stylized determination of their play, don't give a shit about the odds. And despite giving their opponents a 4-spot in the first inning, the Achievers clawed their way back to tie the game at 5 in the sixth inning, playing to their strengths of tight defense and dominant pitching from southpaw JB, who threw 8 and 1/3 innings of shut-down ball.

It was only a matter of time before fans and players alike would be forced to come to terms with the fact Copenhagen's ballclub revels in late-game surges and dramatic come-from-behind victories. With a more patient approach at the plate and refined baserunning, the Achievers looked good grinding out each at bat and keeping that train a' rolling.

With the bases loaded and one out in the 8th inning -- our magic inning, as always -- Franky Boy crushed a 3-1 fastball over the shortstop and into left-center field for a go-ahead, two-run single. The score stood 7-5 in favor of Copenhagen.

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, the ball soared into centerfield and Dr. Moss had once again secured the final out of a big game, and the Achievers had once again won the day.

Winning isn't everything, but it sure is something.

Four titles in a row.


Well done, lads.

Thanks to all our supporters and fans and Gibby the bat boy and to Jesper Skou Jensen for filming the entire game and uploading it to youtube. Check it out:


Next Gameday

(last game of 2017!)

Saturday, Oct. 7th


Malmo Pilots vs. Copenhagen Urban Achievers

location: Valby Idrætsparken



2017 Outdoor trainings are underway!


Valby Idrætsparken, Bane #3, in the corner next to the train tracks (see map here).


Wednesdays, from 5pm (second wave arrives around 6pm)

Sundays, from 2pm


If you've already been out to practice with us and want to sign up on our forum, just click on the headline, The Dug Out (above), and sign up. The pitcher's mound, batter's rugs, and field lines are all still in good shape.