Game Summaries - 2018

I. Game Summaries from yesterday's Round-Robin in Sweden:

Game 1: Achievers 5-2 Malmö

The Achiever Eight brought a lot of baggage over the sound to Sweden, literal and metaphorical, with a case of good beer and a case of the blues, too, after last--minute bail-outs left us short-handed. No matter. We went out and achieved anyway -- even without the use of our leg(s). Although we only had a couple stolen bases on the day, our aggressive bunch of baserunners wreaked havoc for the opposition in other ways: taking the extra base, challenging the outfield arms, and scoring on some wacky miscues by the defense.

Southpaw JB started on the mound and after a bumpy first inning he buckled down to shut-out the Malmö squad for 5 scoreless innings. Excellent command of both pitches, pinpoint accuracy (only one walk), and the battery of J&J seemed to be on the same page all game long to baffle the Swedish hosts. Lots of doubles were crushed and we took our walks. Solid effort, lads!

Game 2: Achievers 3-2 Gothenberg

With Knuckleballer Wes hobbled by a bum ankle it took a while for him to find his mojo, but once that floater started dancing and once he found that low-outside corner of the zone with his fastball, it was smooth sailing for the grizzled veteran hurler. Like Jared before him, after surrendering two runs in the first frame, Lukwata shut down the 16-man squad from Gothenberg over the next four innings and the Achievers were holding on to a 1-run lead. In the bottom of the last inning, with one out and a runner on 2nd, the Gothenberg batter got a base-hit up the middle, the runner from 2nd was rounding third but a good throw from Cap'n Raz prevented him from scoring. Wes cut it off and alertly fired to second where the batter was attempted to advance. The throw was a bit wild for the lunging Dude, but there was Raz to back up the play!! The runner from third tried to hustle home, Raz's throw sailed a bit high, but Jeremy leapt to snag the throw and apply the tag on the runner's back. heel just before he slid to the plate. OUT!

Two down, runner at 2nd.

The last out was a tough one for our pitcher. A swinging bunt dribbled it's way up the first-base line, Wes used the last bit of power in that bum ankle to corral the ball and flip it to first just in time for the final out. Achievers win the ballgame and sweep the tournament! Great bbq afterwards in the hot sun and boy did it feel like summer. Doesn't get much better than that.


Ump duty #1:
Jared volunteered to do the dish (while his teammates heckled him all day) with Dude up the 1st base line and an assortment of sordid scalliwags doing third base with beers in their hands. Job well done.

Game Summary 2 — May 5, 2018 — Odense

The long and short of it: the Achievers experienced the worst umpiring in our club's history, with insults, threats, smack-talk, and frustratingly inconsistent calls destroying any sense of fair play, making it a miserable day for our pitchers -- Zeno and Adex -- who worked hard to find a strike call, but were only met with accusations of "back-talk" and too much complaining. Although we were ahead 6-2, fell behind 8-6, and stormed back to take the lead, 9-8, there were too many forces working against us, out of our control. And when the Achievers had a chance to tie the game with a runner at third in the final inning, with two outs, the runner was inexplicably sent back to second base and greatly diminished our chances to win. Final score: 9-10, Odense.

The umpiring in Game two was even worse. Adex did his best to stay composed, just as Zeno before him, but clearly the umpire had an agenda to eject any players who disagreed with his atrocious calls. The base umpire lacked any basic understanding of the rules of the game and thus arbitrarily called in favor of our opponents when any call was in doubt. Extraordinarily frustrating, despite our efforts to hang in there and finish it out. Final score 9-19, Athletico Aarhus.

Copenhagen Baseball Club will stand by our players who have been subjected to mistreatment by the umpires and file a formal complaint on behalf of any and all players who can take the time to describe in writing the words that were spoken and actions taken to ruin our day.

Feel free to send your descriptions to myself or Cap’n Raz.

In the meantime, let's try and regroup on Wednesday and get back out there for a good practice together.

> Formal complaint filed against the umps

After the travesty that occurred during our last gameday, our club filed an official complaint with the league office over the highly regrettable and unprofessional conduct of the day's umpires (Head ump: Juan, base umps: Marcos and clueless Herning newbie). Since there has yet to be formed an official "Amateur og Ordensudvalg", then our complaint is more of a formality at this point, but will hopefully convey the seriousness of the situation to the Federation board. At this point, we need to regain our psychological strength and emotional resilience and look forward to the next game:

Game Summary 3

Last weekend the two Copenhagen teams traveled over six hours roundtrip to inaugurate the new ballpark in Herning. A lovely ballpark enclosed by trees and a makeshift backstop with no wind and lots of sun all day provided perfect conditions for a long day of baseball. Game 1 between the Achievers and Trolls was a laugher, but in result only; no funny stuff going on like the forgettable season opener (great umpiring by Katja behind the dish). Southpaw JB hurled a one-hitter and we put up our strongest lineup to silence the Trolls and their off-season punishment-committee trolling. The big city bats hit their pitcher hard and often. JB led off the game with an inside-the-park homer and DansAnders slugged the first over-the-fence homer at the new ballpark, a majestic two-run shot. Lots of baserunners running wild all day and a very cathartic performance for the 4-time defending champs.
Final score: Achievers 22-0 Herning.

Game 2 was destined to be a confusing and creative challenge for our club, as our two Copenhagen teams squared off against each other. But with the Kings only having 7 players and no pitcher, the Achievers had to make the tough call: to go ahead and loan 'em our two eldest statesmen -- lefty workhorse Dalius and veteran Cap'n Raz at the hot corner -- and try to beat our own big brothers. The Kings made the play of the day in the first inning by turning a picture-perfect 6-4-3 double play with their formidable female middle-infielders on a sharp grounder from the mighty Lukwata. Alas, the sea monster would later turn a textbook 1-6-3 double play of his own. Lefty Dalius brought it for 4 solid innings on the bump for the Kings, and Jacob D. finished off the job as the Achievers left the bases loaded three times without pushing across a run.
Final score: Kings 6-4 Achievers.

Game 3 was also a lopsided affair as Abdel and Burly helped the Kings trounce the Trolls, 17-2. The Achievers once again provided three umpires (JB solid again behind the plate) to ensure a fair and fun match. And a big thanks to all those Achiever drivers for hauling both our own players and the Kings back and forth from Herning.

Game Summary 4

Previous gameday results, from June 3rd:

Game 1: Kings 5-2 Wolves
Game 2: Achievers 13-1 Kings (4 innings)
Game 3: Achievers 15-3 Wolves

Game One was a close contest. Burly did a great job umpiring the dish, with Wes and Chris as baseumps, Dude dying of food poisoning, and Slim Sonne playing outfield for the Kings. It was a tight, competitive game with both teams pitching well and the Kings capitalizing on a couple Odense mistakes to hold on to the victory, 5-2.

Game Two saw the Achievers send 21 men to the plate before getting their first hit against the Kings big hurler. But at that point, it was already 5-0, Achievers, scoring all our runs on walks and stolen bases. Zeno was on the mound for the defending champs, and of the 12 outs he recorded he got 10 via the strikeout! A big two-run triple from Rune Jensen opened the floodgates in the 3rd inning, and Jeremy's bases-loaded, 2-run single sent the Kings walking off the field with only one out in the 4th inning, appealing to a non-existent mercy rule. NB: der er ingen mercy rule i baseball.

Game Three got the Achievers bats back on track as everybody reached base in this blowout of hometown Odense. Jared was once again brilliant on the bump and until the final sloppy inning, the Achievers defense was solid. A great bounce-back effort for the Achievers, who are now 3-3 on the young season. The upstart CPH Kings are in second place, with a 3-1 record.

Upcoming Events

We've got a few baseball events coming up:

June 27th
N.Zahle's skole visits the Urban Achievers
Valby Idrætsparken
Come and lend a hand if you're free!

kl.14-16 -- open house for baseball in Hafnia Hallen (Valby)
Come practice indoors and coach some kids.

kl.16:30 -- last practice before our next game

Next gameday:

JUNE 30, in Aarhus

We might have a couple cars leave on Friday to set up tents on the field to camp the night before the early start time on Saturday morning.

Game 1: Achievers vs. Athletico - kl.11:00
Game 2: Achievers vs. Aarhus -- kl.13:30

Game Summary 5

1. Game summaries from last weekend in Aarhus

Game one: Achievers 12-1 Athletico Aarhus

The defending champs rounded up a roster of 15 dudes ready to redeem ourselves -- and to redeem the dignity of the game itself -- against the undefeated Athleticos of Aarhus, this time without their corrupt umpire friend making a mess of things.

The big city bats got off to a good start, with Burly working a great AB poking a single through the left side ... setting the tone ... setting the table. We pushed across four runs in the first inning and never looked back. The long-awaited, highly-anticipated return of the fabled Feebles was well worth the wait: a brilliant performance behind the dish and at the plate, Jacob hit the first of two LOOOONG Achiever homers on the day, while adding a triple and a pair of doubles to his ledger. Dr. Moss also contributed a big at-bat, with two on and two out, working the count full, fouling off several pitches, and delivering a 2-run single to right field, deflating the Athleticos spirit and sending them into a spiral of defeat.

Perhaps most enjoyable of all: Zeno's pitching was spot-on. Locating that nasty slider on the outer-half, controlling his fastball low in the zone, not walking any batters, piling up the strikeouts, and managing to stay cool on the mound while the opposition engaged in pointless smack-talk, our righty ace silenced a strong lineup and made them think: "Well, shit. If this is a preview of the finals, we're in big trouble."

Game two: Achievers 9-4 ÅSBK

Near the end of the first game, an ÅSBK player approached me while coaching third base. He asked if I remembered him. I did not. He gave me some hints: "I joined you guys for a couple practices, four years ago on the cricket field in Kløvermarken." Didn't ring a bell. "I'm Bob". We've never had a Bob. "Well, I changed my name. It used to be Dom." And the lights went on. Oh yeah, the friendly German anarchist! It was nice to catch up with the bearded wanderer, but nobody could've dreamed just how important his presence would be on this fateful day. You see, the Achievers actually needed to win this game more than the first one, as far as the standings were concerned, and we found ourselves behind 4-1 in the sixth and final inning. Franky's crafty pitching had kept it close thru 4, and Dalius the Lefty Workhorse held them in check in the 5th inning.

In the sixth, we managed to push across two runs, but at the cost of two outs, making the score 4-3, down to our last out. But we didn't give up.  Most of us knew this was a must-win game, so we dug deep and loaded the bases. Dude came up to the plate. The ÅSBK pitcher, throwing nothing but slow curveballs which our dudes couldn't seem to hit, was tiring. Anxiously, stupidly, I batted lefty and swung at the first pitch ... sending a high fly ball to center field where DomBob was standing directly under the bright and beautiful afternoon sun. He later said he lost the ball in the glare, but it looked to me like he just overran it, as the ball sailed over his head. A chance hit that cleared the bases and saved the Dude from hanging himself in one of the outfield trees afterwards. The floodgates had opened. Feebles then sent one of his patented RBI doubles down the left field line, and Franky followed up with a titanic blast above the treetops in center field, WAY gone, and suddenly it was 9-4, Achievers.

Dalius closed it down in the 6th without any drama, and somehow, some way the Copenhagen crew had pulled out a mystical (some would say lucky) victory just when we needed it most. Well done, lads!

A night of cavorting, urban scrambling, burger-and-beer-consumption around Aarhus ended in another glorious camp-out on the field where none other than DomBob himself had rendezvoused with our campsite in the early morning dawn, soundly sleeping under that providential star that had come to our rescue, while costing his team the win. As if things couldn't have been any more fortuitous, we enjoyed breakfast in Aarhus town at an American diner with TVs showing the 2015 World Series for our eternal enjoyment.

Long live the summer of 2018!

2. Junior Baseball volunteering

Several Achievers have been doing good volunteer work with the kids of Copenhagen these past couple weeks. Our main goal with getting kids to sign up as members of our club is to show the kommune that we're serious about cultivating a future for baseball culture in Copenhagen, and therefore we need the kommune to secure us a proper field. If you're keen on joining in the volunteer work, here's what's going on:
An English class from N.Zahle's skole came to visit last Wednesday and we all had a great time. Their teacher is spreading the word to other English high school classes, encouraging them to visit us this summer/fall so we can sign up more kids. Dates TBA.
FerieCamp: Husum (this week), Ellebjerg (next week), Amager strand (week29). For Husum and Amager strand, it's all five weekdays for two hrs/day. Ellebjerg is only Tues/Thurs.

3. Practices now in Amager Fælled - starting today!

For the entire month of July and the first week of August, the ballfield in Valby is off-limits. Therefore, of all our practices will be moved to boldfællederne i Amager Fælled. Here is a map of the field location:

Game Summary 6

I. Game two: Achievers 18-3 Herning
 ..Game three : Achievers 8-2 Odense

Game one: umpired once again by Bodacious Burly and the Early Crew, actually saw Herning get their first win of the season against Odense. I wasn't there, but sounded like a comedy of errors.

Game two: The front-end of the Achievers' twin bill saw the defending champs from Copenhagen score early and often on their way to another blowout of the midtjyllanders. Wes took the bump and was able to grind out six solid innings without succumbing to the big inning, and digging deep to get the game-ending strikeout when he wanted it most: his fastest pitch of the day was his last, the final fatal blow to the Trolls from Herning. Every Achiever reached base and scored at least one run.

Chris-Cross had himself a helluva day: a two-run homer, a triple, and a pair of singles. Talk about a slump-busting breakout party!!! The kid was only a double shy of the cycle!

Game three: The Achievers could sense the desperation and anticipation in the Odense dugout. After they dropped their first game on the day, they'd clearly saved their heavy hitters for the match against the champs. But it dont' matter to JB! Our steady lefty didn't have his best stuff, but still managed to strand runners at will. Despite loading the bases several times, Odense couldn't push more than a single run across through 4 innings. On the other hand, the Achievers had only scratched across one run themselves to that point. But after Rune wisely said, "Enjoy this close game, dudes. Because in a few minutes we're gonna stomp them". And his vision came true: the bottom of the order (Rune and Dude) did major damage with speed, hits, and defense. Everybody reached base, except the birthday boy, and 7 different Achievers scored a run. But don't feel too bad for the b-day boy: Bo ripped a 2-run double in game one and played a brilliant 3rd base all day.

Way to go, Achievers! Now 7W and 3L on the season.

Game Summary 7

I. Bad news came down yesterday just as the storm was brewing over Copenhagen: this Sunday's games are cancelled.

Herning can't get a team together to travel to our field, so they forfeited both games.

Worse yet, our own Copenhagen Kings have had their re-scheduling efforts thwarted by the league president once again and have therefore decided to immediately withdraw from the Danish Baseball Tournament.

Fuck the tournament?!?

Who's in charge of scheduling... Burkhalter?

Well, shit. What's done is done. It's all water under the bridge.

As far as the remainder of the Kings' schedule goes, we're still gonna try and help field a Kings team for the home games in Valby on:
18 August
9 September
All other games the Kings will be forced to forfeit. Mark it zero.

So, who knows what will happen next year, but perhaps we can focus on a Copenhagen-only baseball league together with the Kings?

Only time will tell.

Game Summary 8

Here are some urgent updates on tomorrow's game plan:

1. Same day, same time, new field location
Our field has been double-booked by the Valby administration, so there will be hundreds of soccer kids, a bouncy-castle, grills, and goals set up for a major event tomorrow. We talked with Valby and with the soccer club and we agreed to move our baseball game to the next field over, on the other side of our outfield trees. They agreed to paint us new baselines, foul lines, batter's box, etc. And also to transport some soccer goals for our backstop.

2. Change in opponent: Inter-squad match tomorrow
Odense has done the same thing Herning did last week: cancelled and forfeit their games due to lack of players and lack of cojones.
This means that we will have an inter-squad game (Achievers vs. Kings) in the same style as the previous weekend, but this time on a new field, with both a mound and backstop needing to be constructed. We can even play a full 9-inning game if we want, with first pitch around 11am.

3. Backstop and mound construction, tomorrow at 10am!
Let's meet at the field around 10am, as planned, so we can build the backstop, assemble the mound, stretch and warm up.

By once again accommodating to Valby's mismanagement and soccer's big plans we're hoping this augments our chances of getting a permanent location for our baseball diamond. But at the same time, we need to keep to the schedule, if only to prove a point that we can't simply move our games to a new day/time. Also, we will have access to the toilets and clubhouse grill area and maybe even get ourselves a key.

Game Summary 9

The long-awaited, long-overdue home game finally took place in Copenhagen last Saturday, as the Achievers and Los Reyes met up for a sensational showdown in Valby, despite Odense cancelling due to lack of players/cojones. Abdel has done a great job lighting the fire for the Cuban baseball community to come and play in place of the Kings. Both last weekend and the weekend before, we were all able to enjoy a full day of competitive baseball despite Herning and Odense failing to make the mandatory trip over to our field.

Speaking of our home field, we also faced a difficult situation where the Valby administration had double-booked our grounds for a massive soccer event, with bouncy castle, tents, grills, and a bunch of meatheads. We agreed to move over to the next field and the admin painted up a new diamond for us, with a new orientation that actually looks/works/feels better than the previous location. Could this be the location of a future home field?

The Sea Monster (Wes) led the charge to collect our field equipment and carry it to the new location: mound, carpets, backstop netting, wooden posts, etc. And once again, our club put it all together with a little teamwork and grassroots initiative. With the field in place and new lines drawn in the grass, we all agreed to play a full 9-inning game in the sensommer sun. Wes took the mound for the Achievers, with Yassir starting for the Latino Nine (a roster of five Cubans filled out with Colombian Erick and three veteran Achievers: Abdel, Franky, and Adex).

After an early home-run by Yassir, the dancing, fluttering knuckleball perplexed Los Reyes for six innings while the Achievers steadily pounded out hits. Home runs by Dude, Lukwata, and then Cap'n Raz* (called out while walking home on a strange interpretation of "out of play" rule) set the tone, and typically solid defense with some spectacular plays by Bo at the hot corner helped keep Los Reyes off the board. The game was never out of reach, however, and it stayed competitive and fun throughout the day as Franky, Yosvanni, Abdel, and Alex Alvarez took mighty hacks at the dish. Erick Molinares continued to improve and the 65 yr-old veteran (was it Juan Carlos?) made us all dream that one day we might still be playing at his age. With the Achievers up big, 15-5, in the top of the ninth, the speedy Abdel tried to swipe third base with two outs, but the Achiever catcher fired a pinpoint pellet at the exact point where Bo's glove caught the ball and met Abdel's outstretched fingers: OUT! An exclamation point to end the game.

A great day, with family, friends, and fans out to watch a full 9-inning game of competitive baseball take place in the big city for the first time in 2018.
Well done and congratulations to everybody who made it happen. This gives us lots of momentum and a strong initiative to make a city league happen for next year. 

As summer begins to transition into fall, practices will also begin to feel shorter as darkness descends at an earlier hour. Let this not shroud our souls with the shivering thought of impending autumn, but instead give us all the more reason to make it to practice and absorb the last few weeks of warmth as our season winds down.

We'll meet on the field next to our usual spot: the same place we played on Saturday. If you weren't there, just listen for the crack of the ash, hickory, bamboo, and maple sending the hardball soaring into the breezy summer skies...possibly with a newly built L-screen for our batting practice pleasure....

...from around 5pm.

See you there,


Big city baseball heroes,

Some say that today, the last day of August, was the last day of summer. I say, "hogwash!" -- let's look forward to the fall and some of that lovely September sun giving us one more month of baseball in Copenhagen.

Four of your fellow Achievers (Bo, Dude, Isaac, Dr.Moss) did a great job today instructing and motivating 40 high school kids for 5 hours of baseball in the rain -- sending them home with big smiles, memorable experiences, and more than a million reasons to help start a Youth Team with our own Lucas the Lefty. Let's see if we can get an exhibition game between N.Zahle's Skole (English class) and Skt. Anna's Gymnasium at the end of September.

Game Summary 10

Hello once again,

We've reached the final month of the baseball season after what has been, without question, the nicest, warmest, sunniest summer in the history of Copenhagen.

And there are still several baseball events left for us to enjoy, starting with a gameday in Valby TOMORROW!

September update #2

On this rainy, autumnal Tuesday let's take a look back at one of the most enjoyable days in Copenhagen baseball history -- and in a separate email for eligible Achievers players only -- a look forward to preparing for this Saturday's CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL in Odense.

Get comfortable, this is gonna be a good one...

I. Last Sunday in Valby...

Warm, wind-free weather...splintered sunlight through big cumulus clouds...and the sights and sounds of the big city's burgeoning baseball culture only getting bigger and better. Pure bliss!

What a sight for sore eyes. Our first official league homegame of the year, and it comes on the last day of the regular season!?! The League Office should continue to receive our pointed criticism for one of the worst schedules ever devised. (Am I right, Kings?)

Fuhgeddaboudit. Your local baseball heroes got there early to build the backstop -- a three part construction with two types of netting -- and assemble the homemade mound with our valued rug heaved on top. The stage was set for a late-summer round robin, a three-game series to conclude the 2018 DBaF regular season.

Game 1:
Achievers 9-2 ÅSBK

Watching from a folding camping chair (highly recommended) with Wes, he and I marveled at the sublime, sturdy play of the defense and battery: lefty JB "Balaverlander" -- the strike-throwing machine -- and Jeremy "Mountain Man" Johnson behind the dish. Feebles at first base evoked memories of what seems like several seasons ago: stretching to pick it, diving to make the play or to save the day. DansAnders digging deep at the keystone to go in and grab a difficult dropping blooper at his shoelaces for the out. Franky and Bo on the left side, their slingshot arms sending precision pellets right on line to the target. And the balanced outfield of Isaac in right, running in on a flare to snag it for the final out of the inning... Cap'n Raz, his steady presence and strong arm in center... and rookie phenom Chris Skytte in left -- all of it looked like a most mighty Achiever lineup. That is...until we looked around on the bench and counted an equally formidable starting 9, standing around and eager to play:

Dr. Moss
Flyin' Elvis

Our man Rune took one for the club and umped the dish while Abdel helped him out all game at 1st base. And a mighty fine job they did. By the time Peter and Anders showed up with kids and wives in tow, combined with the incoming Los Reyes players and additional family and friends, we had quite a the crowd assembling alongside the players for a full day of baseball.

Alas, this most enjoyable game went by in the blink of an eye. After smartly waiting for their pitches, and getting them, the Achievers slugged out several doubles against the often effectively-wild Aarhus starter. The dramatic difference in fielding ability was on display: Copenhagen Urban Achievers pride ourselves on defensive prowess! Once Zeno came in to pitch in the 4th, the game was well in hand. Aarhus scratched across a couple runs, but nobody really took notice. It was too nice out. The ball yard shimmered in the sunshine and smiles and laughter and the languid ease of summer, one last upflare to be felt forever in the heavy September air.

Game 2:
Los Reyes 15-7 ÅSBK

You could tell Los Reyes was looking forward to this one! Abdel has done a great job getting a Cuban ex-pat team together with Colombian Molinares bringing that corazón ... now it was time to put the beat-down on Aarhus. In contrast to the first contest, Game 2 was a slow and somewhat sloppy affair, with lots of errors and injuries and full-counts and passed-balls, but also a great deal of enthusiasm and athleticism on display. Los Reyes looked sharp in their Jokers jerseys and Yasser was tossing in strikes from the mound with ease.

Burly did a solid job umping behind the dish (with Chuck at 1st and a trio of Achievers taking turns umping 3rd) and he should get some kind of special endurance award for keeping his focus the whole way through this long, drawn-out drubbing. For at no real point did the game feel that close. Los Reyes took an early lead and never looked back. A few long balls sailed over the Aarhus outfielders' heads and turned into triples with the speed of that Reyes lineup giving their opponents trouble all game. The field conditions proved to be difficult for the uninitiated, likely contributing to all those errors on defense, and without an outfield fence it feels like you can run forever. One last note: Aarhus pitcher, Mark (with the Nats hat), announced his retirement after the game. A tip of the cap to a worthy adversary -- he will be missed.

Game 3:
Achievers 4-2 Los Reyes

Copenhagen Baseball Club had won the day, sending DBaF president Rod home early before his Aarhus players had even finished losing Game 2. Ha! Laughable, man. There were plenty of free beers and sodas and hot dogs on the bbq's (thanks Raz), grilled ala Lukwata, but apparently our trademark hospitality wasn't enough to keep the men in red from running home. C'est la vie. More of that delicious French's mustard for us!

Although everyone was noticeably tired, most of us came to play three games and that's exactly what we did. Achievers Isaac and Rune comprised the pitcher-catcher battery for Los Reyes, with a tandem of Workhorse Lefty Dalius on the bump and Jeremy catching for the Achievers. More than a few players had to leave before this game started, but with such a great initial turnout we weren't left short-handed.

The interesting thing about this game was how good the pitching was on both sides, in somewhat similar ways...

As we know, Isaac can throw gas. And he worked all around the plate, leaving nothing middle-middle. Although he struck out more than a few, the Achievers were patient and saw some pitches, scratched out a few hits, and drew several walks. This was great preparation for the finals. Isaac can be tough to square up. Take the positives with you into this weekend!

On the other side, Dalius the Workhorse chucked that heavy ball of his in the lower part of the zone with such consistency, you could almost predict where the ground ball was going to be hit....and gobbled up for the out. Only two balls were hit squarely into the outfield all game. Two smart, veteran pitchers and two savvy catchers made this game a solid, brisk, six inning standoff with Los Reyes getting a last chance to tie the game in the last inning, with two outs, runners at 2nd and 3rd, and ... a line drive off the bat ... towards Chris at second base... who... spears it with his glove raised above his head, holding on for the final out!! The perfect punctuation to this most pleasurable day of baseball!

Thank you to everyone (kids too!) for making it such a great day.

Practice on Wednesday (tomorrow) is open, as always, but will be focused on preparing for the finals on Saturday.
Indoor practice: kl.15-17 - Hafnia Hallen
Outdoor practice: kl.17-21 - Valby Idrætsparken

Next up for your big city baseball heroes: The Championship Finals in Odense
Danmarks Baseball Cup
Copenhagen Urban Achievers vs. Atletico Aarhus
Saturday, September 15
Tranehøjen 5, 5250 Odense

Your Copenhagen Urban Achievers will storm the field in Fyn on Saturday and give everything they got to win a 5th-straight title.

See you there!

Game Summary 11

A picture is worth a thousand words....

Final score:
ACHIEVERS 18-9 Atletico Aarhus
(9 innings)

Let the celebration continue at practice today!!!
Valby Idrætsparken, 5pm

Game Summary 12

Here's a few, last, late-season notices for 2018:

I. Recap of last weekend's Junior event and Malmö/Achievers/Los Reyes mixed squad game
II. No more outdoor practices in Valby -- but it's on in Lyngby.
III. Indoor training info

Under surprisingly sunny skies, Malmö Pilots baseball paid us a visit this past Sunday in Valby, bringing a baker's dozen (13 players) for a junior scrimmage, to enjoy our free hot dog bbq, and to end the season with a senior mixed squad game. Although the morning started slow -- with field construction adapting to no soccer goal being available, to the inexplicable clubhouse toilet prevention policy thrown at us by the soccer club's cleaning lady, to the complete lack of Copenhagen high school kids showing up -- those of us who showed up early just did our thing and got the job done.

And wouldn't you know it: turned out to be a really great day for all involved.

Our very own Lukas the Lefty and newcomer Connecticut Lars represented the entirety of our Copenhagen junior contingent for the day, and they rep'd us well! A big HIGH FIVE to both of our youngsters!! And a big thanks to everybody for helping build the field, bring the gear, buy the food/drinks, grill the dogs, and for participating in all the other ways that made it flow so well.

The Malmö bunch seemed to have had a great time and we're anticipating working more closely with their club this coming season. They've got a good junior baseball program going and we can learn a lot from that. Their senior team might be looking to leave the Swedish league this coming season, so we're already brainstorming on how to play more baseball together in the future.

The easy flow of the day allowed the seven or eight juniors and all the seniors to enter into and out of the bbq area and the baseball game free of any top-down decision making or any real structure at all, really, but it worked! After the Swedes packed up to go home, happy to the man, the Achievers and Los Reyes got together for one last scrimmage game. And lo and behold, it ended in a 5-5 tie.


NO more organized practices in Valby for the rest of the season.
If you want to get a spontaneous gathering together to play some ball, just text or call me and we can figure out how to get you some of the gear from the lockers.

Alternatively, if you're interested in practicing/playing in Lyngby send an email to our brother Abdel <> who manages the Copenhagen Kings / Los Reyes squad  -- they're planning on practicing on the field in Lyngby throughout October.

Indoor practices will likely gain some steam after the fall break. Keep your eyes on our club's facebook page to see when the first indoor practice might be.

That about wraps it all up.

Feel free to organize any mlb-playoff-watching parties over the next few weeks as the world watches the underdog Colorado Rockies continue to stick it to all those loathsome big market teams (and also beating the Brewers).

Thanks again for another magical season of Achiever baseball under the brilliant and unforgettable summer sun of 2018.

Peace out,

Chairman Kroh