Home Opener: Achievers Hit the Ground Running

May 21, 2016


Game 1: Achievers 6-2 Odense

Game 2: Odense 3-1 Herning

Game 3: Achievers 21-0 Herning


-Everybody was of the opinion that the 3-team format worked surprisingly well.
-Six inning games seem to be just fine, although everyone agreed on a
mercy rule for Game 3 when it was 21-0.
-Herning brought a lot of positive team spirit (despite losing both
games). Nice addition to the league.
-A few Achievers were able to help fill out the Odense and Herning
rosters after a couple injuries and a no-show, retaining a competitive
spirit to the proceedings.
-An overall friendly vibe with good weather made it a thoroughly
enjoyable day of baseball.
-Great umpiring all around as well.
-Lots of fans, old and new, turned up to watch all three games.

-Good weather, good crowd, three teams playing solid baseball and having loads of fun.

-Our special ladyfriends brought beer and hot dogs and grills to put the finishing touches on a memorable day.

-We won both of our games convincingly and now look to continue the conquest in two weeks time when we travel to Aarhus.


Way to go, Achievers!





Twin Killing in Aarhus

JUNE 4-5, Århus


Game 1: Atleticos 17-9 Århus

Game 2: Urban Achievers 11-0 Atleticos

Game 3: Urban Achievers 8-5 Århus


Your Copenhagen Urban Achievers took on the mighty newcomers, Los Atleticos in the matinee of the triple header at Århus' Ball Park. Your two-time defending champions silenced the enthusiastic group in the other dugout by putting up a 6 spot in the first. Capped by a GRAND SALAMI by our ageless Capt'n Raz. Our ace pitcher whom we will fly in from some remote part of earth come next start, Big Game James Freeman dissolved their hyped up bats with another domination on the hill. So far, through a shitload of innings this year, James is no-hitting the league. 
Game two for us, and game three on the day of triple header baseball jamboree in Århus started out with tired Achievers trying to rekindle that bonfire we had in game one. It may have been 3-0 in the third, to Aarhus, with Dr. Moss starting the two-out rally, getting on base. Later, with Alexander Johan Ballantine at the dish, who knows the count, but all I saw was this baseball LAUNCH off his bat like a spaceship with instantaneous takeoff. That ball is orbiting Mars by now. 
And all of a sudden, there was life for the Achievers, and our old rivals began to crumble, yet again. We tacked on more runs, played stellar defense to get out of base filled jams, and held on for an 8-5 sweet victory with JB Balavender closing the door on any sense of Århusian rally to get the final 6 outs for the save and sweeping through our long strange trip to the ground we find championships and make dreams come true.

On a personal note. I'm lost at the dish. Failing to SEE bat hit ball. Got on base with a Burly El Segundo patented swinging bunt, scored a run, no put outs in right, game two got hit in the spine on a curve that kept curving, struck out looking like a witness, swinging like a bitch, but caught our staff like Crash Fucking Davis of the Durham Bulls ca. 1987. I've never had so much fun playing baseball until donning the catchers gear. Baseball is a game of looking to improve. Find and hone your strengths, while working on the weaknesses and making those aspects of your game become strengths eventually.
It's a patient game. A team game too.

And yesterday, the 12 Achievers who ventured over bridges and mustard fields, dominated as a team, fell in the muck as a team, stayed together and won the day as a team. And afterwards, we indulged in tasty drink and smoke as a team; a family: before half of us trekked home with a sunset bridge stop at McDonalds, and the other half set up camp out in the left field, just to see if either of those home run balls came back during the night.




A special thanks to our guest international scorer and first baseman Aussie Steve. Not only did he keep the book in order and have a stellar performance on 1st base he also insisted on bank rolling the team meal at a rib joint in town.





Achievers' Exemplary Play Rules Over Official Opening of Odense's New Ballpark

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Odense Ballpark: grand opening


UA 11-1 Odense

UA 17-0* Herning (*combined no-hitter)

Odense 6-4 Herning



Achievers enter the break undefeated!

Your Urban Achievers of Copenhagen, indisputably the most dominant baseball entity in the country, now enter the first-half break atop the standings with a 6-0 record and a +66 run differential (74-8) in the five team Danish Baseball League . Last Sunday's game was played on the first true baseball field in Denmark, in Odense, where underneath the dusty tennis-court-like beachsand surface we eventually discovered millions of artifacts (most likely transported from a dump site) including glass shards, screws, sharp stones, fractured bathroom tiles, and shaved brick. No arrowheads or baseball memorabilia, however.

Lukwata was furious and Omar from Odense should be as well. It cost something like 650,000kr and now they're probably gonna have to dig it all up again before somebody slices their leg open.


Still, it was a great day for baseball. Burly's brief recap once again does it justice:

The Achievers went to the brand new ball field in Odense on Sunday. We popped it's clay cherry with wins over both Odense and Herning. I don't remember the scores. I think 12-1 over Odense and 17-0 over Herning. All I know is that we all HIT the SHIT out of the ball. Thanks to Master Jared Charles Kristensen Balavender's hitting mechanic ol Burly El Segundo here went 6 for 9 with 5 RBI, 3 SB, and a couple maybe a few runs....
James Freeman was his usual nasty self with a 2 hit complete game, and 15 strikeouts to boot, from the hill in game one. Game 2, was a combined no-hitter with Jens Sonne making his sparkling debut and The Sea Monster closing the door with a hitless save full of knucklers and ufo pitches. Thanks to Rasmus Frederik Lolk for the pics, and Omar Gamarra for the brand spanking new beautiful home to baseball in Denmark.


Concerning our own field in Valby Idrætsparken, I'm talking about drawing lines in the grass here, dude. We're gonna be in full "build-mode" this summer, constructing our own storage container, backstop, mound, dugout benches, and a batting cage if we're lucky. And rich.

At this point the redundancy of this whole song 'n dance must be downright comical to some. It's just been plain frustrating for most of us. And yet, new lifeblood and new energy in the Achievers (in part thanks to our soon-to-be-gone Ace hurler from Philly), with all of us maintaining that Achiever magic through strange ritual-making movements and alternative mindsets. Shit, it's raining now for the first time in weeks. We couldn't have been more fortunate with the weather thus far (sure, spoken like a snooty scando who has no idea how awful it's been in the rest of Europe for the past two months, but goddammit after last year's non-existent summer, WE'VE EARNED IT!)

The first half of the season is over. But we've got some barnstorming and baseball field building to look forward to.


Final Weekend of the 2016 Regular Season

Game 1: Achievers 9-7 Atletico

Game 2: Herning 8-7 Achievers


The Urban Achievers dominated the first half of the 2016 season, with a 6-0 record, and a breathtaking +66 run differential (74-8).

On the final weekend, on our grass field in Valby, the Achievers played host to a real deusy of a double-header. The weather couldn't have been better: Hot and Sunny. It was also our friend Razor the Jedi's (second) wedding, which meant no Feebles for Games 1 or 2, and no Dude for Game 2. No matter. Alls well that ends well.

We had coolers of beer for ourselves, the opponents, the umps, and Dude's cousin Caj. Two grills were fired up cooking sausages for everyone. Even a few spectators showed up to take it all in.

In Game 1, the Achievers secured a 9-7 victory over Atletico Aarhus in a tight, but lazy game. Several errors and mental mistakes made it a sloppy win. But a win is a win.


Game 2 was more of the same, but exacerbated after that feeling of post-game-1 victory relief. The Achievers were dealt a short-handed, yet still stunning 8-7 defeat against Herning. Our first loss since a shorthanded squad went to Aarhus a couple years back and apparently got swept. This still meant the Achievers finished as regular season champs: 7W, 1L.  And probably gave Herning the incentive to play in the league again next year.

Alls well that ends well.


Now, let's turn it on for the finals and keep that Cup!